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We provide the simplest way for you to control your risk on cryptocurrencies. Never lose another night’s sleep because of a flash crash. We will put the power back into your hands. Register now to be a part of this project that will change the face of crypto-trading forever.


We will be the world’s leading cryptocurrency options platform that is truly peer-to-peer. Anyone can buy or create an option in just a few clicks. We will provide an amazing user experience with simplified tools that a normal person can use, backed by industry-leading security and infrastructure, and a pricing engine driven by machine learning to provide each user with the best price every time.

Who Should Use Sparrow Options?

  • Miners
  • ICO participants
  • Merchants accepting
    crypto payments
  • Speculators
  • Crypto Funds
  • Traders who want better
    risk-adjusted returns

To be the world’s leading
cryptocurrency options

We aim to be the worldwide leader in cryptocurrency options by creating a 24/7, secure and reliable platform for traders to control their risk, monetize their cryptocurrencies and utilize calibrated strategies for their specific needs.

The current cryptocurrency market and tools severely limit traders from achieving consistent returns. We will create a world-class options platform based on Blockchain technology augmented with professional-level tools. Our deep experience in the derivatives market with a highly-skilled development team puts us at the crossroads of technology and finance, enabling us to empower anyone to trade with confidence and finally break free from the status quo.



We believe in the power of collaboration, working with industry partners, exchanges, and regulators to serve the needs of cryptocurrency participants.


We seek to empower anyone to trade confidently and consistently by building platforms and tools that give them simplicity and security.


We treat everyone the way we want to be treated in all our dealings.


We believe in taking responsibility for our actions, and having the conviction and moral courage to do the right thing always.


Remember the 99% Ethereum flash crash on June 2017, plummeting from $320 to around 10 cents? Numerous stop loss orders and margin funding liquidations were triggered with thousands of traders losing a lot of money. While we are not sure whether the crash is due to market manipulation or a fat finger by a rogue trader, what we offer are risk management tools to hedge against such catastrophic events.


Instead of placing a stop market order, Jimmy can buy TradePROTECT (a put option) to protect his existing profitable position.

With TradePROTECT in place, a stop order is no longer necessary, as TradePROTECT gives Jimmy the right to sell ETH at $310 on the date of expiration.

By replacing the stop with TradePROTECT as a risk management tool, Jimmy has protected his position against a major plunge in the price of ETH. When ETH price falls, the TradePROTECT value will go up, locking in Jimmy’s profit.

In this case, a flash crash or a prolonged drop in Ethereum will NOT significantly affect Jimmy’s profit. He can have peace of mind knowing that his downside is protected.


Jenny Wynmoore is holding 10 Ethereum (ETH). She believes in the long-term potential of Ethereum, but her analysis tells her that Bitcoin (BTC) may rise against Ethereum in the short-term.

Jenny hopes to do more with her ETH instead of just holding on to it. What can she do?

She can use TradeBoost to sell an option for 10 ETH which gives the buyer the right (but not the obligation) to buy 10 ETH at a specific price at the expiration date, at the fixed cost of a non-refundable premium.

The buyer of Jenny’s option will pay her a premium on the day the option is sold. It is Jenny’s money to keep, regardless of whether the option is exercised.

In return, for the premium Jenny’s 10 ETH will be pledged into a TradeBOOST Smart Contract until the expiration of the option. This reassures the buyer that Jenny has the underlying asset to fulfil her obligation if the option is exercised. This eliminates counterparty risk.

Upon the expiry of the TradeBOOST, if BTC rises against ETH or the price stays relatively the same, the Smart Contract will return the ETH to Jenny.

Jenny will receive income from the premium while still retaining possession of her ETH.

Jenny can repeat this process indefinitely, potentially earning more income from ETH.

Like any tool, there is an appropriate time and place to sell an options, and other times where it’s not an ideal tactic. TradeBOOST provides traders a way to monetize their cryptocurrency assets during a downtrend or range-bound market. It also works well when trader believes that price has limited upside potential in the short-term.

Rooni has done intensive research on EOS in Nov 2017. On a fundamental level, Rooni concludes that EOS will be the platform for future innovation in the crypto space and his chart analysis confirms his outlook.

Rooni is confident that EOS will go to the moon but only has 3 ETH to invest. At the current EOS/ETH price of 0.003, Rooni can only buy 1000 EOS. Even if EOS tripled in price, he would only make a profit of 6 ETH.

Rooni wants improve those returns. He is prepared to risk all his 3 ETH but nothing more. How can he do it?

Rooni can make use of TradePROTECT (buy call option) to structure a fixed risk and ultra high return trade. He can use 3 ETH as the premium to buy a call option to gain the right to buy 6000 EOS at the price of 0.005 for 1 month.

If Rooni is RIGHT and:

EOS/ETH moves as expected to 0.009 within 1 month

  • Profit Calculation: [(0.009 – 0.005)EOS/ETH x 6,000 EOS] - 3 ETH = 21 ETH
  • Rooni makes a net profit of 21 ETH on a 3 ETH investment, 7X his initial investment and 3.5X better than outright investing.

EOS/ETH hits the moon by going to 0.021

  • Profit Calculation: [(0.021 – 0.005)EOS/ETH x 6,000 EOS] - 3 ETH = 93 ETH
  • Rooni makes a net profit of 93 ETH! Which is 31X from his initial investment and more than 5X better than outright investing.
If Rooni is WRONG and:

EOS/ETH rises less to only 0.006

  • Profit Calculation: [(0.006 – 0.005)EOS/ETH x 6,000 EOS] - 3 ETH = 3 ETH.
  • Rooni still makes a net profit of 3 ETH, similar to outright investing.

EOS/ETH does not rise to 0.005 or even falls to 0.001

  • Rooni’s maximum loss would be limited to 3 ETH in premiums.
  • With TradePROTECT, Rooni is able to structure a fixed risk ultra high reward trade.

Use Of Proceeds

The proceeds from ICO will be used to develop the Nest System and the supporting technology that is required to provide the stability, speed, security and accessibility for a world-class options platform.


We are professional traders and we love trading. We have spent many years actively participating in the derivatives markets while making consistent returns. It is an ever-changing and demanding profession, requiring attention to detail, and an eye for new opportunities. We understand your pain, your fear, your joy, your desire. We feel it as much as you. This is what drives us to make trading simple, safe and accessible to everyone.

Kenneth Yeo

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth has 7 years of professional experience as a proprietary trader in derivatives and was formerly one of Singapore's top professional gamers.

Adrian Tan

Chief Trading Officer

Adrian has 8 years of professional experience as a proprietary trader and derivative instrument structuring.

Toh Ghim

Chief Operating Officer

Toh has 7 years of experience of leading and successfully completing technology development projects in various countries across Asia such as China, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand.

Reuben Conceicao

Chief Strategy Officer

Reuben has 8 years of experience in growing startups, corporate training, and corporate communications, helping organizations engage with a rapidly changing world.

Chik Soon Nean

Chief Data Scientist

Chik has 5 years of experience in data analytics and data science, focusing on data-driven solutions that help companies achieve transformative performance improvements through advanced analytics, risk management, AI and machine learning techniques.

Lim Yew Yang

Director of Omega Proprietary Trading
Trading Operations Advisor

Yew Yang has over 20 years of experience in professional trading in large institutions and now runs his own proprietary trading firm.

John Ng Pangilinan

Partner of Signum Capital
Senior Advisor

John is the founder of Signum Capital, an investment vehicle specialized in ICOs and blockchain related investments.


Subramaniam Iyer

CEO of Point Hope
Senior Advisor

Subra embarked on an entrepreneurial journey after a 21-year career with PwC. He started and led the Transactions division that focused on financial, tax and commercial due diligence and deal advisory.


Gerald Leong

CIO of Point Hope
Senior Advisor

Gerald Leong help pioneered Leveraged Buyouts in Asia under UBS during the Asian Financial Crisis before founding Singapore’s first independent buyout fund in 2003.


Darius Sit

Managing Partner of
QCP Capital
Trading Advisor

Darius is Managing Partner at QCP Capital, a crypto-focused trading firm based in Singapore. He started his career as a Macro Trader at Dymon Asia Capital, one of Asia’s leading hedge funds.


U-Zyn Chua

Principal Consultant of Zynesis
Blockchain Advisor

U-Zyn has been highly passionate about decentralization, blockchain, cryptocurrency and security since 2010.


Liu Li

Planning Manager of
Telco Data Analytics, Singtel
Infrastructure & Security Advisor

Liu Li has 9 years of experience in network infrastructure and security, supporting business operations with reliable and secure technology solutions.


Ridzuan Ashim

CTO of XSQ Pte Ltd
Technology Advisor

Ridz has been involved in software development since 2002 dabbling in web and native mobile development before entering blockchain development in 2015.

Lara Magno Lai

CEO of VEEV Interactive
Education Advisor

Lara has over 10 years of experience in the field of new media education and has been at the forefront of many high profile initiatives that leverage on technology to enhance the learning process for Ministries of Education in Singapore and the region.

Eddie Yeo

CEO of Gleeger
Design Advisor

Eddie has 10 years of design experience, with an unyielding focus on simplicity, clarity and an approachable design language to help clients have better conversations with their customers.

Dean Loh

Brand Partner of Bloom
Concept Pte Ltd
Business Development Advisor

Dean has 15 years of retail experience across multiple operating formats, playing a leadership role in international organizations such as 7-Eleven and Marks & Spencer.

Kenneth Koo

Business Operations Director of Asia ex Japan, Spring Professional (Adecco Group)
Human Resources Advisor

Kenneth has more than 10 years of experience in Recruitment/Executive Search, recruiting for Mid to Senior Management roles.


Our Partners:


We have a deep commitment to protecting our users from potential security risks. We will adopt the industry best practices and strategies in cybersecurity to ensure our users and assets are kept safe. We will collaborate with security professionals and tap on our community to constantly improve our platform for our users.

Layered Security Architecture

We designed our system security based on a layered-security approach maintaining the appropriate security measures and procedures at five different levels within the system architecture:
  1. Perimeter defence with firewalls to separate public internet from private demilitarized zones (DMZ).
  2. Networks isolation using private network subnets, IPS and access authentication control to separate application communications.
  3. Host level protection includes host based IDS, Virtual Applicances and Anti-malware protections.
  4. Application-level security including application based authentication, SQL injection and XSS vulnerability prevention.
  5. Data protections including IP Whitelisting, Kerberos authentication and AES data encryption

Security Audit

We plan to conduct internal and external audits, working with credible security audit firms to ensure we provide the best possible security and infrastructure to traders on our platform. We want traders to feel safe when they trade with Sparrow Exchange and this is part of our commitment to security

CommunitySECURE Bounty Program

We treat security as an ongoing commitment. Despite our best efforts, we know that we need to engage with the security community to protect everyone on Sparrow Exchange. We intend to launch the CommunitySECURE Bounty Program which will reward contributors who report bugs and security issues for making Sparrow Exchange safer for all traders